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Gwadar Dream City



What is Chinese Interest in Gwadar?


Gwadar Dream City is the Project of Pakistan

Gawadar is the District Headquarter of Makran Division in Balochistan, the largest province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is situated on the coastal line of Makran. Along the coastal line ,there are four Tehsils including Gawadar, Jiwani, Kulanch and Ormara. Jiwani is the only one on the western part of Gawadar, joining Iranian border on Pakistani side. Kulanch and Ormara, on its eastern side are connecting District Lasbela and to Karachi finally. The distance between Gawadar and Karachi in this way, is around 715 km.

Key Note on Gwadar Progress and Development:


Gwadar project has a very significant role not only for Pakistan but also for the whole region. Pakistan’s unique geography and geo political factors in the region have made it one of kind opportunity for Pakistan. Solid commitments by Chinese and Pakistani government with concrete steps on ground, growing interest by Gulf countries and Investors around the globe are indicators of the bright future of Gwadar.


Investment in any Project in E.P.Zone  Gwadar is an investment with a 20 years Tax Holiday facilities and  trustworthy, reputed company committed to excellence and confidence and in a location which is already focus of the world.


Which are the countries directly benefited by Gwadar?


Because of unique geography, Gwadar virtually benefits all countries in the region. In today’s increasingly interdependent world it would not be wrong that indirectly it benefits the whole world. However, some of the important countries directly benefited by Gwadar beside Pakistan and China are as following:


  1. Tajikistan. A land locked country that will get access to international waters for its Oil and Gas exports and other imports.


  1. Uzbekistan. Again a land locked country, greatly benefited by Gwadar.


  1. Turkmenistan. Same as above.


  1. Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been historically dependent upon Pakistan for its sea routes. Present reconstruction efforts need more and more materials, but the existing port facilities already under pressures from Pakistan’s needs find it difficult to manage. Besides, through Gwadar the access to international waters would be further reduced to great advantage of Afghan reconstruction.


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